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I love making ideas become realities. I have expert technical skills and a keen mind for business. I am no stranger to hard work and large projects - I've shipped games, built custom software systems, and completed a PhD. I can lead and manage projects effectively and I am a team-player.



I have a strong background in computer science and games - particularly algorithms, data-structures, and Unreal Engine 4. I have provided quality software and consultation to clients in: architecture, mining, games, and government.


I have helped found two businesses, worked as a consultant, managed staff, brought in new work, liased with clients, and managed projects. I am a confident communicator who has experience in a wide range of projects.


I received my PhD in 2018 for my work in geo-spatial trajectory data mining. I am well practiced in the research process and have published several articles to prominent journals as the primary author.


Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)

James Cook University - Cairns, Queensland

(2010 - 2013)

-Awarded Dean's scholarship (2010)
-Awarded academic medal for undergraduate coursework (2012)
-Awarded first class honours (2013)
-Awarded university medal for academic excellence (2013)

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

James Cook University - Cairns, Queensland

(2014 - 2018)

-Awarded 3.5 year APA scholarship (2014)


  • Java
  • Cloud infrastructure/Docker
  • Data-mining/Data Analytics
  • C++
  • Python
  • Full-stack web development
  • Image/Audio/Video editing
  • Android
  • C#
  • OpenGL/Shaders
  • Academic writing/Research
  • Unreal Engine 4


Highlighted projects

(2020, All roles) golfroyale.io - Created and launched the game on the web. Touched all areas of project from networking, cloud infrastructure, game design, ui, through to marketing, ad integration, and community management. The game reached over 120,000 players total. The game also amassed a passionate community of players on Discord. The game was featured on the frontpage of miniclip.com.

(2019, Game design, Graphics) Tech Support 2077 - James Cook University contracted myself and another developer to make an engaging VR game for their Open Day to demonstrate the skills of past students. We created an on-rails VR shooter/slasher in UE4. I designed the whole game and implemented all the graphics, while the other developer programmed it. The game recieved non-stop engagement during the Open Day with such praise we decided to put it on Steam for free.

(2014-2016, Particle systems, UI, shaders, game design.) Toys of War - The first commercial game I shipped. This game taught me the fundamentals of game development. It also taught me about marketing, engagement, management, and planning.

(2014-2018, Researcher.) PhD Research - I undertook and completed a PhD in spatio-temporal trajectory data-mining. During this time I wrote several journal articles and conference papers that were accepted into prominent research publications. My work provided novel advances in the areas of trajectory simplification, clustering, place-matching, and sequential pattern mining.


TensorWorks (Various roles)

Consultant for various clients (2018-Present)

-Undertook key business activities such as forecasting, company strategy, and grant writing.
-Consulted with multiple clients to help them overcome blocking tasks in their UE4 projects.
-Developed bespoke solutions for multiple clients to help them realise their UE4 projects.
-Profiled, identified, and solved performance problems that were delaying a client's game from shipping.

Developer on Cairns Regional Council Smart Catchments Game (2019)


-Worked with the team to create a UE4 game for web browsers that packaged under 100mb.
-Created stylised and efficient levels, particle fx, materials, sound-scapes, and lighting.
-Met with the client to demo progress, discuss feature requests, and lock-in the work for each iteration.

2Bit Studios (Various roles)

Developer on Various Games (2014-2019)

-Helped established the company.
-Coordinated contractors, managed team tasks, and ran social media.
-Successfully got game through Steam Greenlight in 2015 and later launched on Steam.
-Created 23 games of various sizes. Our work is here: http://2bitstudios.com.au/games/
-Used Unity/UE4 extensively and broadly, working across gameplay, programming, visuals, and audio.

Developer on Paradise Palms Interactive Marketing Demo (2019)


-Worked with the team to create a beautiful, realistic, and explorable property development in UE4.
-Sourced suitable realtime assets, generated LODS/imposters, and setup photo-real lighting.
-Met with the client to scope the project and define requirements.

Participant selected for Startup Catalyst (2014)

-Travelled over to Silicon Valley to bring back knowledge from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple.

James Cook University

Founder/President at Club++ (2014-2016)

-Established a programming club at my university to foster interest in extracurricular projects.
-Taught materials extracurricular to the coursework such as C++ and merge conflict resolution.
-Successfully applied for funding to purchase new equipment and organise social activities.

Solo developer working with Osmotion Pty Ltd. (2014)

-Created fly-in/fly-out roster modelling software for a large Australian mine site.
-Implemented a genetic algorithm to find optimal configurations of constrained rosters.
-Met with the client, wrote documentation, and published a journal article about our solution.

Solo developer working with Nepean Power Pty Ltd. (2012-2013)

-Wrote a Java/OpenGL agent-based simulation where dust levels were controlled by watering trucks.
-Attended client meetings, wrote documentation, and produced accompanying video materials.

Referees details available upon request.

Luke Bermingham — llbermingham at gmail.com